Mohini Ochangco

Hi my name is Mohini O. and in #cryptoart my tag handle is OoakosiMo. I am an artist by passion since as far back in childhood as I remember and a video editor by profession since 2004 but just started cryptoart in Feb 2020.

Here is my work portfolio:

So far have enjoyed creating and collecting digital art through various blockchains, ones that I can afford, whenever I get some art sales myself.

#trashLord maker of imaginary oracles through composition narratives. I love using out takes or scrapped versions, there is some kind of organic flow to them, very sincere, so I call it #trashart and or #junkart I guess it is in a digital sense for me at the moment.

I have been exploring several minting platforms across various blockchains and you can check out my store links and body of works over here:

I’m just learning html for now and tried to curate some of my selected works from last year (2020) here:

here are my ethereum collected and created art