Mark Pascall

Passionate about all things decentralised / blockchain for common good. Founder of (a DAO based out of New Zealand providing a range of services in the Blockchain, decentralised governance and Decentralised Autonomous Organisation space) and one of the founding members of the Metacartel Venture DAO. Some of my career highlights include: running the first University course in the world on DAOs, bringing Vitalik Buterin and Andreas Antonopoulos over to NZ, co-founding BlockchainLabs, pollinator for the DAOStack Genesis DAO, Executive Director of BlockchainNZ, featured in Decentralized Thriving (, presenting at a select committee hearing for the NZ government, co-authoring “New Zealand: Unlocking Blockchain‚Äôs Potential”, being part of the SingularityU New Zealand local training faculty and presenting at over 40 conferences in 6 countries on decentralisation topics.