Ben Nolan

I’m Ben Nolan, a developer from Wellington, New Zealand. I’m a javascript developer, interested in decentralization, virtual reality and multi user spaces. I’ve lived in New Zealand for the last ten years, but prior to that I worked in Germany for a year.

Cryptovoxels started as a project to build a metaverse (ala Snowcrash or Ready Player One) on the web. It followed on from the authors earlier work on SceneVR and A-FrameVR. Upon realising the potential of a virtual world were land ownership was recorded on the Ethereum blockchain (using an ERC721 token), the author started full speed at building a user-editable world that doesn’t require programming knowledge.

The project was first released behind a secret beta key in May 2018. The first land sales were made to the authors friends and advisors and June 2018, and then to early adopters through the OpenSea cryptocollectibles marketplace. Betakey was removed and land sales were opened up to all comers in July 2018.